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Usually known as Little Paris of Europe, Budapest is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hungary.  Budapest has a lot to offer for the visitors who come from across the world. There are so many things in this amazing city that you will feel like staying here permanently so that you can enjoy this marvelous piece of heaven on earth. Museums, galleries, churches, architecture, historical monuments and God's gifts of nature are the part of this amazingly beautiful city. Suburban Buda is a part where you got to feel the strong presence of history and dynamic Pest will take you to a whole new level with riverside promenades, flea market etc.

Tourist attractions in Budapest

Budapest is a home of various UNICEF's world heritage sites and amazing architecture. When it comes to tourist attractions in Budapest, then you cannot just point in one direction and name just one thing, there is a lot to see and feel. Straddling the river Danube current Budapest is the combination of old Buda, Buda, and Pest which give you breathtaking experiences. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Budapest are Spectacular Castle Hill, Gellert Hill, which is also popular for medicinal spas and Baths, Museum of Fine Art, The Hungarian National Museum, Parliament Building and Crown Jewel are only a few places which show how amazingly rich Budapest is when it comes to tourist attractions.

Mode of transport in Budapest

Walking is the best way to visit the beauty Budapest has to offer as there are places you cannot visit with a vehicle like Castle Hill. Budapest also has very smooth running public transport system which includes cable cars, trams, subways, and trolleybuses to make the visiting this city more convenient. Tickets are valid for within the city limits and use for all the public transport whereas you can buy the ticket from the subways centers. Hungarian currency Forints use for buying tickets and passes which vary with the distance and time as well as with a number of people. The cost of a single ticket is 350 Forints and it increases with distance and number of people.

Nearest airport in Budapest

The nearest airport to Budapest is Budapest Ferenc Liszt International airport, which is roughly 21 kilometers from the center of Budapest. The other airports from Budapest which provide domestic and international flights are near 200 kilometers distance. Budapest airport has flights from all the major cities around the world.

Language and cuisine

The official language of Budapest is Hungarian but don't you worry as most places have people who can easily converse in the English language. The people of Budapest prefer their own language, but being the most popular tourist destinations around the world, people of Budapest easily converse in the Standard English language.

Generally, Hungarians are very passionate about casseroles, steak, stew, pork, meat, poultry, and lamb, but there are some popular vegetarian dishes that are popular in Budapest. Budapest cuisines have their own unique flavored paprika which gives a different flavor to the dish.  Soup, desserts, and pastries are also the part of Hungarian Cuisine.

Best hotels in Budapest

Hotel Thomas, Golden Park Hotel, and Carmen Hotel are some of the best and cheapest hotels in Budapest where you can comfortably stay at cheap rates. There are several high-class hotels with more than 3 stars in the Budapest to offer you best and world-class services but if you want moderate services at cheaper rates than Budapest hotels won't disappoint you. The hotel prices in Budapest starts from 6500 Forints and can go much higher, totally depend on your budget and pocket as well as on the hotel you are choosing to stay. also providing you the facility to find cheap flight tickets to Budapest. It also has the wide list of best rental car suppliers in the world, so you can easily find the cheap car provider, by putting selecting below motioned list of locations or you can search by search bar given at the top.

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