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Dammam is an eminent capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The judicial and administrative bodies of the province are situated there. Damman is the largest city in the Eastern Province and it is the sixth largest place in the Saudia Arabia.

Damman has its suburbs forming the center of the Dammam metropolitan area. This place has oil industry. Dammam has the significant Seaport facility.

Tourist attractions in Dammam

Othaim Hall, Steakhouse Dammam, Marjan Island, Prince Mohamed bin Fahd Stadium etc., Sea Front, Coral Island, King Fahd Park are some of the places who have the panoramic beauty of nature. Dammam Corniche has the gigantic seaside which starts from Aziziah Beach to Tarot Island. The beauty has great installations which soothe the soul and the mind of the viewers. The destinations are the greatest example of affection of Dammam people towards art and culture.

The Makarim Village is a jewel and gem of this "Heaven on Earth". Richness in jewelry and photogenic situations ties the bonds of the visitors. There are rare places in the Dammam. which everyone one wants to get the sight of them.

Mode of Transport in Dammam

Dammam is a place where socially, economically and cultural bonds are also seen in large proportion. The city is connected to Saudi Capital, Riyadh and Jeddah on the west of the Highway40. The linking of the place to Bahrain by the 28km long King Fahd Causeway. Unfortunately, Dammam has no intra-city public transport service. Dammam is connected by the Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company through Inter-city bus service. The cheap and best taxi services fares cost Rs. 544 or more which can increase.

Nearest Airport from Damman

Dammam has the King Fahd International Airport that is known for its largest area in the world. The visitors can fascinate themselves by passing through the passenger terminal which is about 20km lies to the northwest of the city. The best thing is that it is connected by a- 6-lane highway. One board Internationa and National flights from Damman which connects anyone with India and Europe too. Damman has privileged their visitors by providing ample of fabulous facilitates to them. The fare is cheap and best which can be affordable for everyone. One can get their journey to Damman in Rs. 26,998. The air can move visitors from Dammam to the Middle- East, Asia, and many more places.

Language and Cuisines

Dammam is the home of several different ethnicities and nationalities. But the Arabic language is the mother-language of the place and Riyal is the currency of the Dammam.  The cuisine has an impact on that cumulated culture. The Kabsa is the mouth-watering food of residents which is made of chicken instead of lamb meat. Another lunch dish is Yemeni Mandi.

Hejazi cuisine has some versatile dishes of Meiroo, Mabshoor, Mitabbak, Fouk, Areika, Hareisa, Kababbad and Shorabah Hareira. The Grilled meat has a good market in Dammam, Kibdah, Mad fun, magliya are some of the popular dishes in Dammam. Fast foods are the second choice of the Dammam residents. Even Indian, French, American, Pakistani cuisines are also liked by the Daman localities.

Best Hotels in Dammam

A hotel is a place which can make feel like home. ParkInn by Radisson Dammam, Sheraton Dammanton Hotel, Novotel Dammam Business Park and Ramada Dammam Hotel are some of the best and cheap hotels in Dammam.

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