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Welcome to Dublin

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland. Known for its nightlife and vibrancy it attracts a lot of tourists from all around the world. Set up by Vikings in 841, Dublin is very developed today with time and is divided by River Liffey gifting its scenic views. Covering the area of 922 sq. meters and facilitating over a million inhabitants, Dublin always seem to offer more for what you can get. Skyline full of construction cranes, busy restaurants, the clean and the attractive city is what Dublin can be defined as. Having plenty to enjoy and have some great memories to look after, Dublin should be visited once in a lifetime.

Tourist Attractions in Dublin

Full of tourist attractions, Dublin is like heaven for both history and nature's lover. Chester Beatty Library, Christ Church Cathedral and St. Patrick's Cathedral are the top visited attractions in Dublin. Dublin Castle, Dublin Writers Museum, and Dublin Zoo are like not to be missed in Dublin. The Vikings World, General Post Office, A Post Museum and Glasnevin Cemetery should be visited when in Dublin to know more about how and what Dublin is comprised of. Next, there is Green on Red Gallery, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Project Arts Centre and Jeanie Johnston Famine Ship Museum that will just amaze you. Full of places to see and visit, make sure when in Dublin you plan your trip to never miss the "not to be missed list". You can also get knowledge of hotels and tours in Dublin by the Main Tourist Office located in the city center.

Getting around in Dublin

Trains and trams are the main travelings around modes of transport in Dublin. Being reliable and connecting the city well and thought, these are also cheap with just 1.5 Euros per ride as the fare in the central zone. Other modes like buses are also very common and cheap with a good connectivity of the city. As the buses have many routes, they can be taken when in Dublin as you can reach exact location with less stress. The fares for buses vary and can be upto10 Euros based on the type of bus and ride. There are bikes and bicycles available to roam and feel the city as natives. One can also rent cars or just take taxis if you don't know the city inside out. The fixed fare for taxis is 6 to 10 Euros.

Flights to Dublin

Served by two terminals Airport, Dublin hosts and welcomes flights from all around the world. There are various cheap and best flights hosted by airlines like Aer Lingus, Ryan Air, and Flybe. Cheap flights from Paris, Manchester, London, Madrid, Frankfurt and Liverpool and more are hosted by Ryan Air. There are also different modes like buses and taxis available from the airport to get around the city easily and fast.

Language and cuisine in Dublin

English is widely spoken in Dublin. Street signs and office buildings are in Gaelic (indigenous Irish language) and English.

The cuisine of Dublin is as special as it Dublin is. The main course starts from 8 to 40 Euros and wines are lovely here. Irish and Indian food is famous here with coco pop French toast, mixed meat plate along with different kinds of pasta and sandwiches.

Hotels in Dublin

The budget sleep places include Abbey Court House, Avondale House, and Barry's hostel. Mid-rangers include Fleet Street Hotel and Marine Hotel and splurge include The Morgan and Hilton Dublin. The budget has a tariff of 20 to 40 Euros whereas the tariff for best high ranges can be more than 500 Euros.

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