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Honolulu is the largest city of U.S. states of Hawaii. Being capital city, Honolulu is the gateway to Hawaii and main portals of United States. Other than its popularity for international trade/business and military defense, the city also has best varieties of Pacific & East-West traditions, cultures and cuisine. The meaning of the word Honolulu is ‘calm port' or ‘sheltered harbor'.

World liveability has placed Honolulu at high position ranking in the year 2015. Honolulu is also famous for its safety and holds the second position in the United States.

Tourist Attractions in Honolulu

Waikiki Beach is the best tourist place in Honolulu. The beach is full of white sands with the crowd of taking the sunbath or enjoying surfing. Ala Moana Park is another beach to the west, towards Downtown. It is best for those who love to be with themselves and have a quality time with their families. The park has lots of greenery with various trees and grasses. The other best and popular beaches include Hanauma Bay, Halona Beach Cove, Sandy Beach & much more.

Other than Pearl Harbor, which does not require any explanation the city also has various museums & memorials which cannot be missed. The few best museums are Bishop Museum, Mission Houses Museum, & much more.

Mode of Transport in Honolulu

The bus service for the public in Honolulu is well-known as The Bus which is extremely economical. The cheapest fare for an adult is $2.50 and $1.25 for a child. The senior citizen gets the special discount and the ticket for them cost $1. The stop for these buses is numbered. With the help of this number which is normally 3 to 4 digit can determine the next bus coming to the bus stop.

There are three lines of Waikiki Trolley, especially for tourist. This trolley service is operated privately.

Taxi can also be hired which operates on the regularized local fare. The approx. the cost of a taxi from Honolulu International Airport to Waikiki is around $30 to $40 with some additional tip.

Nearest Airports in Honolulu

The main gateway for the Hawaiian Island is through Honolulu International Airport (HNL). The main terminal is attended by best key American airlines and by a lot of international airlines from other countries all over the Pacific Rim. It's Inter-Island Terminal is the home base of Hawaiian Airlines which serves regularly for domestic service to the other island in Hawaiian. There are continuous flights for Denver, Calgary, Tokyo, Sydney, Washington, Melbourne, Hilo and much more. The cheapest airline ticket can cost around $ 320 for a round trip per person. The shuttle service by Airport Waikiki Express to the hotels in Waikiki is available every 30 minutes at the cheapest rate of $ 16 for one-way and $ 30 for round trip respectively.

Language & Cuisines

Spread around Oahu are numerous localities of the domestic chain of Zipp. It's the island equal of Denny's; but much better with the residents. They arrange for a wide range of food, together with plate lunches at cheap or affordable rates. Chili is the signature dish of Zippy, which is made in various different methods. The dish is offered over rice, or along with french fries, etc. A different best and famous chain is Genki Sushi. It is a Japanese-style eating place with staffs yelling ‘irrashaimase!' whenever you enter. The English meaning of this Japanese word is ‘Welcome'.

The Hawaiian language is an official language of the States of Hawaii along with English.

Best Hotels in Honolulu

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