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Being one of the Balearic Islands with just 42 kilometers of highway length this is the best tourist attraction under small package big show. Ibiza is also known as “Islas Pitiusas” meaning pines in Greek because of the pines that cover most of the landscape in green. The main spoken language in Ibiza is the Castilian that is somewhat Spanish. Although natives of Ibiza do speak English and German but take this as a tip that speaking Spanish will just gift you more here.

Why come to Ibiza?

Ibiza is not just an island but the tourist attractions like the Hippy Market, Cova de Can Marca and Atlantis make the decision of choosing Ibiza best. And the Bar Anita another which is the 50s and 60s classic bar where writers and artists used to stop by to have a drink makes sure you get to know everything Ibiza is famous for. The vibrant beach festivals and the handicraft items exhibited there will just make sure you so happy.

How to get in Ibiza?

Getting in Ibiza can happen in a lot of ways. One of the cheapest and fastest ways is to trust the winds. Airways or getting flights to Ibiza from famous and cheapest airways like Aer Lingus, Air Berlin, British Airways, Easy jet and Transavia makes sure you pay less for best rides. And getting cheapest deals with the comfort they provide will just amaze you. And being nearest to some tourist attraction Ibiza airport offers many cheap budget deals in seasons and festivals. There are also many other cheap flights like the first choice, Travel match and Jet 2 ensures that you get in Ibiza cheap and good with comfort. Apart from winds, even water can help for Ibiza. You can easily get cheap boat deals that start your tour at Ibiza with beautiful and fascinating beaches. Once you land on Ibiza airport you can start surfing the famous tourist destinations some of which are nearest from the Ibiza airport like San Jose.

Roam the city like a nerd…

There are various modes of transport available in Ibiza that is cheap and totally affordable. And depending on your budget plans you can get better modes as per your choices. There are many cheap modes of transport available in public transport like the buses that take like 2-3 Euros for a ride. On your choices, you can also hire a rental car offered at affordable prices to enjoy your holidays like a boss. Other than this there are taxis to get you the privacy and budget altogether in one package of 20-30 Euros per ride within the city. And some tourist’s attractions in the city are so near the Ibiza airport that you can also try a non-locomotive walk if you don’t have luggage like you ran from your home.

Don’t starve, its Ibiza

Having so much to eat, but Ensaimada being Ibiza famous should not be missed. It is a soft, flat pastry roll that is coiled like a doughnut and flaó having sweet cheese and flan mint in it. Other than this all beaches and seafood are available in Spanish flavor at cheap rates to satisfy your taste buds along with making your tummy happy. And there are many cheapest and best hotels available near to the airport like the Villa Alegria, Cosmos Grand Hotel, Grand Palladium Palace and Grand Palladium White Island Resort at a tariff of 7 to 600 Euros depending on your budget and deals offered. There are many cheap and best hotels that choose your comfort over everything else.

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