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KIEV is known as the hidden jewel of Eastern Europe. It is the capital of Ukraine and its largest city. The city lies on the bank of Dnieper River in its north central part. It is the main educational and cultural center of eastern Europe. To give a huge importance to this city it is called the "Mother of all Slavic Cities" embedded with history and richness in its culture. The city is a blonde of both the old and the new styles. It the mixture of the eastern and western world styles. KIEV is a city filled with energy. It is a romantic city where modern clashes with historic. This is the only city which has the greenest space in entire Europe.

Tourist Attractions in Kiev

This attractive city has a good selection of tourist spots which is enough to grab the attention of the tourist for about a week. This city amazes us with its ancient churches and cathedrals. The most popular tourist spot is the Pechersk Lavra (the caves monastery). KIEV is regarded as the UNESCO Heritage Site. Other places of worship are St Michaels Golden-Domed Monastery, St Sophia's Cathedral, St Volodymyr's Cathedral and St Andrews Church. The city runs on the western banks of the Dnipro River starting your day with a visit to Khreschatyk Park and walking to the Botanical Garden and Park of Glory. The Museum of Patriotic War amazes all the tourist visits KIEV.

To know the haunting insights into the history of the darker Ukraine is found in Babi Yar and Chernobyl Museum.

Mode of Transport in Kiev

KIEV has an extensive and rapidly developing transportation infrastructure. Public transportation includes the Kiev Metro, buses, trolleybuses, trams and funiculars. Kiev can be traveled by walking as all the major tourist attractions are at the center of the city. All the transport available at KIEV has a very reasonable price. The taxi costs about 24.79 UAH and the local buses and trams cost about 6 to 25 UAH. If you are traveling Intercity it may cost, you about 579 UAH.

Nearest Airports to Kiev

The nearest major airport is Kiev Zhuliany International Airport having both international and domestic flights and is about 10km from the center of Kiev. The next is the Boryspil International Airport and about 35km from the city. KIEV had legal taxi drivers and is a very safe city. The cheap transportation cost to the city will cost about 10 UAH. The flight rate is cheap and reasonable ranging from 12034 UAH to 19581 UAH.

Languages and Cuisines

The official state language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. Mostly Russian is spoken among the people of KIEV. Due to high tourist attractions, people have started their developing skills in English and French.

The cuisines of KIEV ranges from soups to salads, bread to rusks and juices to alcohols. The famous soups are Borshch, a vegetable soup of beet, cabbage, potatoes and tomatoes, Kapusniak a soup of pork salo and cream, Yushka made from catfish and carp. The salads and appetizers range from Kovbasa smoked beef or chicken sausage to salo a cured fatback to Olivier salad made of potatoes and chicken ham. It has a various variety of bread like Babka, Bublik, and Kalach. The main course is the Varenyky and Pyrizhky. The tastiest desert is the Kutia made up of poppy seeds, wheat, nuts, and honey.

Best hotels in Kiev

Kiev provides a variety of hotels depending on your budget and choice. The cheapest and best hotels are Hyatt Regency Kiev and InterContinental Kiev and Hilton Kiev. The budget ranges from 6265.98 UAH to 7049.23. The cheap hotels are an advanced merit for the stay. also providing you the facility to find cheap flight tickets to Kiev. It also has the wide list of best rental car suppliers in the world, so you can easily find the cheap car provider, by putting selecting below motioned list of locations or you can search by search bar given at the top.

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