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One of the most populous cities of Australia, Melbourne is the capital of state Victoria. One of the most livable cities in Australia, Melbourne is one of those cities that attract lots of tourists every year from different part of the world. Melbourne is also popular because of the sports, entertainment, education and research. You cannot yourself from falling in love with this amazing and beautiful city of Australia. You should definitely plan a trip to Melbourne as soon as possible because you would not want to miss such marvelous city and everything it has to offer.

Tourist attractions in Melbourne

Melbourne is a rich city when it comes to tourist attractions. You will find lots of things that can catch your attention and spellbound you to your place. Some of the popular tourist attractions of Melbourne are Melbourne Cricket Ground, Royal Botanic Garden Melbourne, Shrine of Remembrance, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne Zoo and much more. Listing each and every attraction of Melbourne in few words is not possible, but one thing is for sure that Melbourne has so much to offer to the visitors who come to this amazing city every year. Millions of people travel to Melbourne to taste and see wine fields and everything that is unique in Melbourne.

Mode of transport in Melbourne

Melbourne is not just popular because of tourist attractions but it is also famous for having largest tram network in the world. Transport is one of the keys of Melbourne and you can take buses, taxis, trams and rental car to travel around the city. Special tour buses are also available in Melbourne to take to around the city conveniently. You can take any mode of transport to travel in the Melbourne without fearing safety and security. The fare for buses and trams starts from 5 Australian dollars and depend on the distance and the zones as there is also a free tram zone.

Nearest airport in Melbourne

Melbourne is the city that has good connectivity through the airways and has more than one domestic airport. The nearest international airport in Melbourne is Melbourne airport which is around 23 kilometers from the center of Melbourne. You can take a direct flight to Melbourne from major cities around the world, but the fares change with distance and time so it is advisable to book your tickets in advance. The cheapest fare for flights to Melbourne starts from 1265 Australian dollars.

Language and cuisine

Melbourne is a city with a diverse culture as people from different part of the world reside here. The common language spoken in the Melbourne is English which serves the purpose of the main language. People use their native language to communicate with their families and friends, but Standard English is the most common everywhere in Melbourne.

The coffee of Melbourne is quite popular as Melbourne was one of the few cities to introduce locally roasted bean coffee. The local cuisine of Melbourne includes homemade wines, fish dumplings, cakes, etc. you can have a nice meal in Melbourne in around 10 to 30 Australian dollars.

Best hotels in Melbourne

Melbourne is the city with some of the finest hotels in the world. You can enjoy luxury services in the hotels of Melbourne as well as Melbourne has average hotels to suit your accommodation needs. You can also choose from the wide range of holiday rentals, guest houses, and specialty lodgings. Some of the popular hotels are Park Hyatt Melbourne, The Langham and Crown Towers Melbourne. The fare for a hotel room per night in Melbourne starts from 100 Australian dollars.

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