Cheapest Price To Moscow


$ 821.00    

Sun, 01 Apr

Moscow Goa In

Sun, 15 Apr

Goa In Moscow

Delta Airlines

$ 1843.00    

Fri, 01 Jun


Sat, 30 Jun


Etihad Airways

$ 846.00    

Sun, 25 Feb

Moscow Varanasi

Sun, 11 Mar

Varanasi Moscow


$ 240.00    

Fri, 01 Jun

Yerevan Moscow

Sun, 01 Jul

Moscow Yerevan


S7 Airlines

$ 67.00    

Fri, 05 Jan

Moscow St Petersburg



$ 3555.00    

Fri, 15 Sep

Moscow Makhachkala


Pegasus Airlines

$ 191.00    

Sat, 24 Feb

Beirut Moscow


Etihad Airways

$ 492.00    

Wed, 05 Sep

Mumbai Moscow



$ 31757.00    

Thu, 14 Sep

Delhi Moscow


$ 14007.00    

Wed, 15 Aug

Moscow Copenhagen

Thu, 30 Aug

Copenhagen Moscow


Turkish Airlines

$ 267.00    

Sun, 16 Sep

Moscow Ashgabat

Air Serbia

$ 1221.00    

Mon, 01 Oct

Moscow Sydney

Sun, 14 Oct

Sydney Moscow


$ 17856.00    

Fri, 27 Oct

Moscow Madrid

Sat, 25 Nov

Madrid Moscow

S7 Airlines

$ 217.00    

Mon, 14 May

Moscow Yerevan

Sun, 27 May

Yerevan Moscow


Dutch Airlines

$ 169.00    

Tue, 07 Aug

Sofia Moscow

Etihad Airways

$ 596.00    

Thu, 29 Mar

Moscow Bangkok

Sat, 07 Apr

Bangkok Moscow

Air Serbia

$ 11852.00    

Tue, 17 Apr

Moscow Athens

Wed, 02 May

Athens Moscow

Malaysia Airlines

$ 1063.00    

Tue, 05 Jun

Sydney Moscow

Wed, 20 Jun

Moscow Sydney


Air Astana

$ 15201.00    

Sat, 28 Oct

Moscow Delhi


$ 30242.00    

Tue, 17 Apr

Moscow Miami

Wed, 02 May

Miami Moscow


Air Astana

$ 345.00    

Sun, 23 Sep


S7 Airlines

$ 252082.00    

Wed, 23 Aug

Barcelona Moscow

Mon, 30 Nov

Moscow Barcelona

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About Moscow

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Moscow is the capital of Russia Federation and also the most populous city. Moscow has a major contribution to political, scientific center (research and development), rich culture and economic development of Russia and Eastern Europe. Moscow never fails to serve the visitors with unexpected surprises, amazing clubs, parties, culture, gorgeous greenery, and much more to inspire and rejuvenate the minds of tourists. The Moskva River in Moscow rushes through the city with most of the tourist sites on the banks of the river serving attention seeking beauty.     

Tourist Attraction points in Moscow

Planning a trip to Moscow is just a complete package of amazing summer cafes, open theaters, magnificent nightlife (addressed as "the never sleeping city"), beautiful greenery, rich heritage, luxury clubs, diverse culture and much more beyond expectation or never seen before. Bauman Moscow State Technical University is located in the center of Moscow and serves more than 18000 undergraduates. Moscow also represents beautiful arts, the best in the world. Some of the major tourist attractions in Moscow include Museums and religious sites like the Red Square (the heart of Moscow and prime central attraction), Lenin Mausoleum, Church of Ascension, Russian state library (largest in the world), Streets like Old and New Arbat Street full of artists, vendors and pleasurable environment. The Vorobyovy Gory and Ostankino Tower is the best place for wonderful Viewpoints.   

Mode of Transport in Moscow

Transportation is not an issue in Moscow because of full-fledged Public Transport, Metros, buses, Trolleybus, Tram, Private Taxi, Ship and rental vehicles. Moscow can add a charming experience on foot with an easy connectivity of metros on long distances. Moscow also serves travelers with buses but heavy traffic adds a disadvantage. Moscow Monorail is available but less efficient. You can easily board private taxis and ride shares with minimum charges of RUB100 and RUB8 for succeeding kilometer. Bicycle or bikes are the best options with easy availability in just RUB150 per day. Metros have cheap ticket charges in Moscow can be around RUB30 per trip or RUB 44 for a 90 minutes trip. Tickets are also available from bus drivers.

Nearest Airports in Moscow

Moscow has five primary international airports. Sheremetyevo International airport is the most common for foreign visitors. The nearest airport in Moscow is Ostafyevo International Airport located 8 km from the MKAD. Moscow serves direct and cheap flights from Hong Kong, Paris, Beijing, Amsterdam, Chengdu, Prague, etc. Cheap flight fares to Moscow can be as cheap as RUB17000-25000 and may rise or down with the season of travel and the class of travel.    

Language and cuisine

The official language spoken in Moscow is Russian. However, tourists can be flexible with English, being the widely spoken language here. Moscow has a wide range of delicious cuisines ranging from the street food stalls to the ethnic and highly reputed food restaurants. European, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and Caucasus Cuisines are also famous here. Moscow will also turn you into a finger lick food lover with Japanese cuisines including sushi rolls, steakhouses, and tempura. Pelmeni, Borscht, Blini, Pirog, Medovukha are some of the best cuisines in Moscow. Food in Moscow can be as cheap as R300 for a meal at the local cafeteria, two-course dinner with complimentary wine in R600-100 and a two-course meal from reputed restaurants starts from R1000.    

Best Hotels in Moscow

Cheapest accommodation in Moscow includes Comrade Hostel, Chillax hostel, Hostel Dom, etc starting from R500, while Metropol, Four Season Hotel Moscow, Savoy, Ararat Park Hyatt, etc are luxury 5-star hotels starting from R8000 and above. You can also look for mid-range double rooms starting from R3500. also providing you the facility to find cheap flight tickets to Moscow. It also has the wide list of best rental car suppliers in the world, so you can easily find the cheap car provider, by putting selecting below motioned list of locations or you can search by search bar given at the top.

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