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When we come to Marseille, we generally talk about France's most important trading center and the primary commercial port of the country. After Paris, Marseille is now France's second largest city and largest city on the Mediterranean coast.  Experiencing Mediterranean climatic conditions, Marseille has an average temperature nearing to 270c. Marseille is more than just a commercial center. It was said that ancient Greeks used to reside in the city. The port is also an important junction point for millions of tourists every year, including thousands of cruise ships, due to which Marseille has been termed as one of the "most visited cities" in France.

Tourist attraction

With a bustling harbor and a dynamic urban vitality, this cosmopolitan city is France's most seasoned and the second biggest after Paris and has much to offer. Starting from old history and social differing qualities to exquisite ocean side view, this city offers its guest the invigorating ocean breeze. No doubt, Marseille hosts numerous gothic churches, serene monuments and lot more. Some of the best tourist spots are Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, Basilique Saint-Victor, The Vieux Port, Le Panier-Marseille's oldest inhibiting place, Musée des Civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée, etc, The most important of all is The Château d'If which is the best tourist attraction because of its history.along with that, Vieille Charité and Cathédrale de la Major are posed as major tourist attraction spots too.

Mode of transport

Marseille hosts well-connected roads and metro networks. These underground and subway metros make travel from one location to another faster and hence ensure maximum coverage of site in short time. Apart from that, Marseille encourages a lot of people to use public transport, rental car system, water taxi, hop-on-hop-off buses and petit trains are the best in demand in Marseille.  For better navigation get your hands on a good map of the area and you can enjoy the best travel experience around the city.

Nearest airport

The nearest major airport is Marseille Provence Airport which is 27km from the center of Marseille. This airport offers both international and domestic flights. Along with that, Toulon-Hyères Airport, this has international and domestic flights from Toulon, France. This site is approximately 84 km from Marseille, France. Apart from that, Avignon Caumont Airport has domestic flights from Avignon and is approximately 93 km from Marseille. The domestic flights start with 50£ while international flights start with 230£. Prices increase with the increasing distance and luxury of travelers choice.

Language and cuisines

The general language used for conversation in French since it's a French province. We all know that European, especially French cultures don't allow adultery in their own tradition at any cost.  The most famous traditional cuisines are Pastis-A strong alcoholic, aniseed-flavored drink served with water. Bouillabaisse is considered as the Marseille's most famous dish. Navettes are Small hard biscuits shaped like little boats often flavored with orange. They are traditionally eaten after the Candlemas festival.

Best hotels

Hospitality is best served in Marseille than in any other province. People visiting Marseille have been quite impressed with their services and cuisines. Since the tourist, a visit requires staying, finding the best hotel for a comfortable stay is a mandatory work. some of the best hotels are Sofitel, Pullman, Radisson, Hotel Bompard, Le petit nice Passedat, mama shelter, etc. Prices for the hotels will vary according to the needs. Other than that, Alex, hotel 96, InterContinental Marseille - Hotel Dieu, C2 Hotel can be chosen for a comfortable stay. The price of each room in this hotel varies from 50£ to 200£ depending on the intensity of luxury provided. also providing you the facility to find cheap flight tickets to Marseille. It also has the wide list of best rental car suppliers in the world, so you can easily find the cheap car provider, by putting selecting below motioned list of locations or you can search by search bar given at the top.

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