Historical and Most Interesting Facts about Kyoto: Book Flight Tickets to Kyoto
destination Historical and Most Interesting Facts about Kyoto: Book Flight Tickets to Kyoto
  March 17th, 2019

Historical and Most Interesting Facts about Kyoto

Being the former capital of Japan for about 1100 years, it was also the home of the Japanese emperor. It is located 315 miles southwest of Tokyo and 25 miles east of Osaka. Kyoto is considered the centre of Japanese civilization. It is famous for its great temples, beautiful gardens and different kind of works of art. This place has both the touch of a modern city as well as the historical treasure. There are temples and pagodas as well as huge office complexes. It is intermixed with modern shopping malls and traditional craft shops. Kyoto provides a home to about 1.5 million residents. There are millions of tourists who visit this place every year, out of which there are foreigners as well as Americans.

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Kyoto History

During A.D. 794-1192, Kyoto became the capital of Japan and it was this time during which it started to flourish. By the year 1868, when the Edo period ended, Emperor Meiji moved the imperial seat to Tokyo. Archaeological evidence shows that there were humans residing in Kyoto during the Paleolithic period. It also spared bombing in World War II which further destroyed Tokyo, Osaka and a few of the Japanese cities. Kyoto is considered Japan in a nutshell.

Historical and Most Interesting Facts about Kyoto

Have you heard about the famous Kyoto protocol?

It is an international agreement which links to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. On 11th December 1997 this protocol adopted in Kyoto, Japan but in the year 16th February 2005, this entered into force. This protocol aims at safeguarding the environment thereby reducing the greenhouse gas emissions globally.


Originally, the city is known as Heiankyo which means Capital of Peace. It ranks sixth in population. Kyoto is the largest city in the country and had the highest population.

Historical Architecture

  1. There is a place, Kyomizu-Dera which offers the complete panoramic view of the city. It found about 800 years ago.
  2. Daitokuji, a building, founded in the 14th century was famous for its paintings and gardens including the architecture.
  3. The Nijo castle is one of the splendid examples of Japanese structure. It is famous for its painted decorations and beautiful gardens.


Interesting facts about Kyoto

The 15th century is considered as the phase of Wanton devastation. During this period, Ruler Toyotomi Hideyoshi aimed at refashioning Kyoto in the town of Chang’an. This city witnessed quartier of a billion inhabitants by 2 AD. This city had a design for which it was called as the matching square urban blocks. This was the time when history began. Again, during the 16th century, Monarch Toyotomi Hideyoshi pleated the north-south boulevards. After doubling, a number of acquainted rectangular blocks was created with squatter side streets. This formed the charming older suburbs which are adored by many tourists visiting the place.

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There is a palace called Gosho, which is located in 200 acres park and is surrounded by high walls. The present buildings are the replica of those beautiful proportions of the Heian period. This palace had used natural materials such as wood, bamboo, bark, straw, paper for its design. It has successfully blended the landscape and structure which has made this place noteworthy.

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Kyoto’s Weather Conditions

  • Kyoto experiences the best climate it is neither too hot nor too cold.
  • It has the ideal weather for visiting. The summer season lasts from June to early September and winters last from early December to Late March.
  • It is also the city of festivals. There are three major festivals in three different times of the year.
  • Aoi-Matsuri festival is celebrated in early summer, Gion-Matsuri festival is celebrated in mid-summer and the Jidai-Matsuri festival during autumn.
  • Among all the secular monuments, the imperial palace, the Nijo castle and the katsura castle are the outstanding ones.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Kyoto

  • Kyoto National Museum and Municipal Museum of Art: This museum is established in 1897. It is a world-class museum which focuses on the pre-modern Asian Art. Yoshio Taniguchi has renovated the museum by his architect design. The museum is located at 527 Chayacho, Kyoto Prefecture 6050931.
  • Nishi Hinganji Temple: It is one of the excellent examples of Buddhist architecture. The temple was rebuilt in 1760. The museum has a number of rooms having the gold plated background.
  • Another building is Daishonin. Its interior will definitely blow your mind.
  • Kyoto Imperial Palace: The original one was constructed in AD 794. The new building was manufactured in 1855. The building has innovatively designed rooms, decorated rooms and courtroom &  Emperor’s room or resident. The palace is located at Kyoto Gyoen03, Kamigyo Ward, 6020881, Kyoto Prefecture.
  • Kiyomizu-Dera Temple: This temple is situated in the east part of the city. The temple is built over a pond/ temple on water. The temple posses the beauty of nature. You can visit there in autumn or winter.
  • Nijo Castle: The castle was built in 1603 and well designed with walls, moat and towers. The main entrance gate, carvings and decorated metalwork provide the uniqueness to the Nijo Castle.  Ninomaru Palace is another important building.


City of Ten Thousand Shrines

Kyoto has the title of “City of ten thousand shrines”. The shimogamoshrine turns out to be the oldest and most famous one. It is around 1337 years old. It is believed that in 678 AD, Emperor Tenmu made a visit that was then regarded as the first monarch of Japan. This was the time when the Buddhist monks built the original structure in honour of the Mother of God. Being a part of the larger Kamo religious complex, the Shimogamo structure is considered to portray the ancient Japanese tradition beautifully. It locates at the junction of two rivers, namely, Takano and Kamo Rivers. The area is so large that the visitors can freely roam in this area.

List of Photo Friendly Places.

Katsura Villa

The Katsura villa is one of the masterpieces of Japanese domestic architecture. It built in the 17th Different architects including the western one such as Wright, Taut, Gropius, Le Corbusier made pilgrimages to view the Katsura Villa.

Role of Kyoto in World War-2

One of the fascinating facts about Kyoto is that it is mostly unharmed in wars. It successfully escaped the predictable World War II ammo as the aforementioned not involved in any of the American attack plans. Many wars have raged across Kyoto but it escaped all of them. There was a time when the Nagasaki atom mine was planned to drop in Kyoto due to its large intellectual population.

Kyoto is considered one of the best-well-kept-up metropolises in Japan. Kyoto has over 1600 Buddhist memorials and around 400 Shinto sanctuaries. Out of which, 17 historic testaments are included as a joint UNESCO World Heritage place.

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Technology in Kyoto

Unlike other countries which supply voltage of around 200 volts, the big city is the only place which provides 100 volts for domestic electric supply.

In Kyoto only cell phones from Japan work. Other cell phones generally don’t work here. Kyoto is having seven independent rail services. This railway network makes it difficult and creates a rush when you travel to places. You also need to buy different tickets which sometimes may include a hefty hike between these seven stations.

Kyoto University is one of the best universities in Japan and holds rank 2. It was established in the year 1897. You must know about this and visit there.

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Industrialisation in Kyoto

Kyoto also considers as an important industrial centre. But it suffers from overcrowding, transportation bottlenecks, environmental pollution, and urban blight like all other Japanese cities. So, in order to control these kinds of issues, the government passed a special law known as the Kinki Region Development Law in the year 1965. This law aims at making attempts to control issues related to transportation, air quality, and land use.


  1. There are restaurants that would make you fall in love with this city.
  2. It offers the entire spectrum of Japanese food which includes the famous cuisine known as the Kaiseki.
  3. Most of Kyoto’s restaurants situates under nature’s lap and have traditional wooden buildings.

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