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Adana is nestled in the Anatolia region of Turkey by the river Seyhan which joins the Mediterranean Sea. The fourth largest city houses 1.2 million and is of significance agriculturally and as well as industrially. Adana can be traced in history starting from the Neolithic Age. The perfect blend of agriculture and business has attracted tourists to the main commercial of the Mediterranean.

Tourist attractions in Adana

Adana in recent years has gained fame for its rapidly increasing industrial hub, but it attracts those who have an eye for the ancient together with the modern. Adana Archaeology Museum, Taskopru (a stone bridge that the Romans had built), Seyhan dam, Great Mosque, Buyuk Saat, Sabanci central mosque (with six minarets), (exhibits the war fought for Turkey's independence), Kozan Kalesi, Yumurtalik beach, Yag camii, these points bring out the history during the rule of Ataturk and provide a mesmerizing viewpoint of the Mediterranean sea. There are several orchestras and operas played in the city. Adena sports of the largest international music festival in Turkey.

Private tours are offered by the government, and private companies too.

Mode of transport in Adana

From minivans to Cukurova Mavi tren, to car rentals to taxis and buses(dolmus), Turkey has the basic needs of tourist transport met. Buses are cheaper than the rest of the modes, there are several routes it takes. Before getting into a taxi, it is best if both parties agree to a price.The Cukurova Mavi tren leaves at 8 from Adana and arrives at Ankara and the other way round. This is the perfect ride for those interested in the scenic beauty. There are three kinds of the ticket depending on one's needs. This ride costs around 90 Turkish lira. The mini vans are an easy and cheap way to get around. Starting at just 3 liras one has to pay based on the distance traveled. Prices of car rentals are negotiable, but not preferable unless one strikes a good deal.

Nearest airports in Adana

The is an international airport and is the sixth busiest in terms of passenger intake. There are domestic and international flights which serve and airlines that frequent this airport are Turkish airlines, wings of Lebanon, Atlas Global, Flybus. Fares start at 434 Turkish lira. This airport is availed by the Cukurova regions.

Language and cuisines in Adana

Turkish food is much craved after in the global front. The Adana Kebabi is a sought after cuisine and other traditional foods and drinks are of equal importance. The authentic taste of the Mediterranean and Anatolia has been blended together in this cuisine. Ayran, Lahmacun, Yuksuk Corbasi, Karakush are spicy foods that promise the taste of native Turkey. Salgam is a drink best for the winters and for the summer one can take aslama. The cuisine can be tried anywhere in Adana and along with its aroma and taste, it has an added incentive of being cheaper as compared to other cuisines.

Turkey is a potpourri of languages. Turkish is spoken in Adana, but Arabic, Armenian and other ethnic languages are also spoken. English is rarely spoken, thus making it a little hard for tourists who travel without groups. The locals speak little to no English, but restaurants and hotels may speak some. Turkish is the official language of Adana.

Best hotels in Adana

Adana Madi hotel, Adana Park hotel, Adana Tas Kopru, , Plaza Hotel, Anemon Adana hotel are the best ones offering 159 to 300 Turkish lira. Other places include , Emis Royal hotel, Sedef, and Airport hotel, all of which start at a cheap rate of 61 Turkish lire a night.

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