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Adiyaman Introduction:

Adiyaman is located in the southeast of Turkey in the central Firat river region. The most astonishing part of the place is that it has the history dating back to Paleolithic Age as per the archaeological research. We may not get a chance to travel in a time machine and go back to time but booking a direct ticket to Adiyaman you can experience the past. The city though growing very fast is yet not an industrial city. You can commonly find people riding mules and donkeys, thus taking you back to an era which is the part of famous tales.

Major Tourist attractions of Adiyaman

The historical building of 14th century which still exist in Adiyaman attracts a lot of tourist including the Fortress, Old Palace Mosque, Carsi Mosque, the Grand Mosque and Kap Mosque. The caves of Pirin is another point of attraction which has the ruins of the ancient city Perre and is just 5 Km from Adiyaman. It has 208 mystifying caves having some human relics all over. The treasures artifacts of prehistoric period and coins from the Roman and Seljuk times recovered from several archeological and ethnographical sites. Other important sites include The Nemrud Mountain tumulus in the National Park, Cendere Bridge, Karakus Hill, Samsat, Dikilitas, Kahta, Arsameia, Göksu Bridge and rock graves. Oturakçi Çarsisi is the main area of the city where tourist can get can get an opportunity to know the locals and buy souvenirs like rugs, kilims, local handicrafts and saddle bags.

Modes of Transport in Adiyaman

Adiyaman is well connected by rail, air, and road but the road remains the most favorable mode of transport in the city. The buses that go to Adiyaman are marked with the name of the city and from Malatya, a minibus can be boarded for around 17 TL. Within the city, there are buses and minibusses around to make your travel comfortable. For making your travel even easier learn the local language as book your direct tickets to Adiyaman. The city is overloaded with many taxis and the normal tariff is 3.5 TL and 2 TL per kilometer.

Nearest Airport in Adiyaman

Adiyaman airport is 21 km away from the city center and direct flights can be booked via Turkish airlines. The airport has cheap direct flights from Istanbul and Ankara. Other nearest airport to Adiyaman is which is 49km away and Malatya airport which is 85 Km away from the city. As the city is well connected by roads, therefore, direct flights can be booked to the nearest airports and then via bus you can reach Adiyaman.

Language and Cuisines of Adiyaman

The Turkish language is spoken in Adiyaman. Adiyaman treats your taste buds with varied types of meatballs like çi? köfte, mercimekli kofte, icli kofte and hitap. Those who are having sweet tooth will be electrified by the taste of Mara?-style ice-cream. Some of the best restaurants where you will relish the food are Ziyaoglu Adana Ocakbasi, Iskender 85 Et Lokantasi, Han?meli Sofras?, Semaver Çay Evi and Kebapç? Beko. Eating in a mid-range restaurant can cost you around 38 TL for a three-course meal.

Best Hotels in Adiyaman

Adiyaman is a city where you can best hotels at cheap rates. Hotels here have all the amenities which can make you comfortable after sightseeing trip. Some of the best hotels are Samos Otel, , Hotel Arsames, , Tu?ra Hotel, Bozdo?an Otel and Adhiyamaan Palace. Staying here is light in your pocket with hotel prices around 165 TL.

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