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City Introduction

Abha is a city located in Asir province of Saudi Arabia. It is a popular destination because of its pleasant and mild climate as compared to the other cities of Saudi Arabia. In the ancient times, Egyptians called Abha as the land of spices and fragrances but now the place has risen up to charm all your senses. Book a direct flight to Abha to experience the unforgettable sights and get impressed by the hospitality and humbleness of the people. Box all your memories of this amazing place in the handmade colorful baskets which are the forte of the women's here.

Major tourist Attraction of Abha

Mud and stone houses attract a lot of tourists and on the outskirts of the city, you can find mud houses dating 300 years back. King Fahd's love for fine arts made Al Muftah Village a spectacular sight that time and still mesmerizes art lovers. Shada Palace which is now turned into a museum is also one of the major tourist attraction places. Other locations which depict the beautiful scenery of the Abha and where you can explore some natural wonders are Wadi Mahala, the which is popular as Black Mountain, Asir national park, Al-Habala Valley, Saraswat Mountains, home of waterfalls - , Malaki dam lake, Raydah Escarpment Reserve and Old mosques - Sadrid Mosque, and mosque of Thurban. Al-Mafteheh is the tourist center in Abha and is famous for the Tuesday market where you can grab some local produce of Abha like spices and clothing.

Modes of Transport in Abha

For moving around Abha you have buses which are cheap and safe with a one-way ticket costing 3.5 Saudi Riyal. Taxis here do not have meters and the general tariff starts from 10 Saudi Riyal. To explore the famous sights of the city, Abha has four cable car networks connecting you to Black Mountain, Al-Habala, New Abha and Lake Saad.

Nearest Airport in Abha

Abha Regional Airport is the international airport serving with direct flights to the city. It is 18 Km away from the city center and it takes around 30 minutes to reach. Direct flights are available from Riyadh, Nasair, Jeddah, Dammam, Medina, Tabuk and Taif within Saudi Arabia. International locations Cairo, Dubai, and Sana'a also have direct flights to and from Abha. Flying is the best option to reach Abha as all the major cities are located remote locations. Other nearest airport is which is 200 Km away from Abha.

Language and Cuisines of Abha

The Arabic language is spoken in Abha and knowing the language can be bliss here as you can get a chance to have profound and poetic conversations with the people of the city. The Saudi Arabian diet prevails in Abha and you can expect to pay around 50 Saudi Riyal for a three-course meal in the mid-range restaurant. The heart of all cuisines primarily comprises of wheat, rice, chicken, lamb, yogurt, and dates. Some of the famous restaurants include Al-Tahy an excellent family restaurant with mouthwatering mezze and meals and The Green Mountain Restaurant, situated on the hilltop and offers a panoramic view of the city.

Best Hotels in Abha

Abha is the city of variety apart from best hotels; the place has luxurious villas or apartments to stay in. Some of the famous hotels include offering a spectacular view of surrounding mountains, Intercontinental Hotel which is located at the highest point of the city, Assalam Palace, and . You can expect to pay around 350 Saudi Riyal for an average three-star hotel and around 1000 Saudi Riyal for exquisite accommodations.

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