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About Aksu

Aksu City - Xinjiang

Aksu is the capital city of Aksu Prefecture located in the southwest part of Xinjiang's Uyghur Autonomous Region. The weather here is particularly extreme scorching heat in summers and dry and chilly in winters, being bordered by Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan with desert topography. The city has been the oasis of the region from the prehistoric times and situated at the foot of the Tianshan mountain range on the north edge of the Tarim Basin.

Major tourist attractions in Aksu

The Kuqa county of Aksu has grand Islam mosque, Kuqa Mosque, dating back to the fifteenth century. Moving 70 Kilometers on Dushanzi-Kuqa Highway is the mystical Grand Canyon of the Tianshan Mountains. The russet rocks of the Grand Canyon have been formed by wind and rain over the period of millions of years. Moving two kilometers ahead is the mystifying Aay Grotto which is an ancient site build in Tang Dynasty. The tumor peak offers the picturesque view of snow capped peaks. Other tourist attractions of Aksu include , Subashi Ruins, and Aiximan Lake

Modes of Transport in Aksu

Aksu has a good network of roads connecting the city within and outside. The bus can be a great way to travel in Aksu and city’s main bus station is in Wuka Zhong Lu. There are regular buses making it easy for the travelers to reach Kuqa County which attracts many of the tourists. Apart from the bus, trains are best to connect to various locations in Xinjiang, as Aksu is a chief city in the Southern Xinjiang Railway.

Nearest Airport to Aksu

Aksu Airport is 10 kilometers apart from the city center and serves with cheap flight direct to domestic destinations like Urumqi, Hangzhou, Hotan, and Shanghai. The nearest international airport is and there are two to three direct and cheap flights a week to and from Aksu to Urumqi. Additionally, there are four flights a week between Urumqi and Hotan that connect in this airport.

Language and Cuisine

Mandarin along with Uyghur, a Turkic language similar to Uzbek is spoken Aksu and English speaking persons are rare. Some of the cuisines which will please you are Nangkeng Rou which is a kind of kebab along with naan and Xinjiang rice and Lamian popularly known as pulled noodles. Apart from these, ayou will find Xinjiang-style food, Shandong or Sichuan cuisine in common. When in Aksu be sure to taste the local produce of melons, walnuts, apples, pears, and apricots While the breakfast can cost you around RMB 18, expect the meal to cost you around RMB 50 and above.

Best hotels in Aksu

Aksu has various best hotels suiting all kinds of travelers but the budget Packers are suggested to pre-book and confirm their accommodation as many cheap hotels do not accept visitors. Best Hotels can cost you around RMB 288-521, some of which are Yilong Hotel, International Hotel, Pudong Holiday Hotel, Guizi Express, Fumanlou Hotel, Yangzi Shuidu and Guangzhou Hotel

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