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Malta Holidays


The small & island country, Malta is in The Mediterranean Sea & lies at the south of the island of Sicily, Italy. Malta is an extensive group of islands, but only the three largest islands of Malta, Kemmuna (Comino) & Gozo (G?awdex) are populated.

The ground is mostly short with the uppermost point, Ta' Dmejrek (near Dingli), being the only 253m above sea level. It's stony, flat to divided plains, with a shoreline that has countless coastal rock face and plentiful bays that provide good ports.

The island owns The George Cross award for its heroic withstands during the time of Second World War. That is the reason, the flag of the country has a cross over it.

Tourist Attraction in Malta

Valletta, the capital city organize daily concerts & plays along with street events & exhibitions. In Valletta, The Museum of Archaeology houses is full of rich & best collection of ancient things. has The War  Museum is a house for Sunday military parade with a proper costume to holds inspiring Grand Master's Palace &.  The country has the history of over 700 years which includes underground catacombs, Megalithic temples, forts & churches which should not be missed.

Mode of Transport in Malta

Malta has a wide range of bus network. One can use the weekly tickets to travel through the bus as it's much cheaper compared to European standards. There is an online journey planner for which will help citizen & tourist to get the information about the route & needful information. Prepay cards are also available at bus stands, post offices & online. The costing of the journey can be calculated as a two-hour ticket costing €1.50 during winter, €2 during summer and €3 for night services.

Tourists go to see Malta do better apply for a tallinja bus card online about 3 weeks in advance visiting Malta to be able to advantage from cheaper bus fares.

One can even rent a bike whose shops are available across Malta but is not a best practice there.

White taxis of Malta can officially receive you from the streets. These taxis have meters that are evenly ignored, figure on €15 for short journeys and not much more than €35 for a trip across the island. There are no Government official fares for taxis from the airport ranging from €10-30.

Nearest Airport in Malta

(Malta International Airport) is the simply airport serving the Maltese islands. The airport is constructed on the land once upon a time occupied by the RAF Luqa air base. The countrywide airline is Air Malta, which is founded at Malta International Airport and get tourist from 36 destinations from Europe and North Africa. The cheapest flight to Malta can cost around € 623.39.

Language & Cuisines

Maltese cuisine shows solid English & Sicilian inspirations as well as influences of Maghrebin, Provençal & Spanish cuisines. A number of regional deviations, mostly with regards to Gozo, can be noticed as well as seasonal changes related with the seasonal obtainability of products and Christian extensive meal (such as Easter, Christmas & Lent). Food has been significant traditionally in the improvement of a nation-wide identity in specific the traditional fenkata (i.e. the eating of fried rabbit or stewed).

Maltese is the official language of Malta. English is also an official language of Malta.

Best Hotels in Malta

There are few best & decent hotels in Malta & Gozo. The hotels are quite affordable in & on the west coast.

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The airport code of Luqa Airport is MLA.
More than 6 flights land at Luqa Airport every day.

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