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Yangon as formerly known as Rangoon, it is a Metropolitan city in Myanmar also known as Burma. Yangon served as a capital of Myanmar till 2006 now it is shifted to Naypyidaw. Yangon is largest city in Myanmar and is an important commercial hub.

Best time to visit Yangon

Time from November to February is best for visiting Yangon. Climate is cool and dry, temperature is around 19- 33 Celsius.

Tourist Attractions in Yangon

Tourist can visit various Buddhist temples like Shwedagon, Sule, Botataung, Chaukhtatgyi Pagodas. One can witness 213ft reclining Buddha idol, adorned with precious gems crown in Chaukhtatgyi temple. There are Hlawga National Park and people’s park to enjoy too.

Mode of Transport in Yangon

Taxis- To travel within Yangon one can opt for Taxi. The official Currency of Myanmar is Kyat. On an average 1 US dollar is around 1300 Kyat. Taxis can be hired per hour at 3000 Kyat or for full day at around 40,000 Kyat (30$). Taxi is proved to be the cheapest and the best way to travel around the city. Yangon is well connected through local bus service; it also has Airport and Railway station.

Nearest Airport

The Yangon International Airport is located 19km away from the center of Yangon City. There are direct flights to Asian cities like - Doha, Dubai, Dhaka, Kolkata, Hanoi, HoChi Minh City, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Guangzhou, Taipei, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Kunming and Singapore. Fare from Kolkata to Yangon can cost around 270000 Kyat. Flight from Hong Kong to Yangon can cost you around same.

Things to know before travelling Yangon

Carry light cotton clothes, Carry Crisp US bills as stained bills has no value. Make sure you take off your footwear in pagodas. Also keep in mind that internet is slow in Myanmar.

Language and Cuisines

The official language of Yangon is Burmese.

Mohinga – A type of Burmese noodles is unofficial national dish of Myanmar. Apart from Noodles one can find several meat dishes as street food. Sweet and Savory Parathas, Pork and salads - these are the items tourist can gorge on in ample amount.

Best Hotels in Yangon

Belmond Governor’s residence can be a luxury option to stay at Yangon. But if you plan to stay in cheapest and best hotel then some options are- New Yangon hotel, Check in at downtown, hotel Windsor can be great options. They are available at price ranging from 37000 Kyat to 48000 Kyat i.e. ($27 to $35 a day)


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The airport code of Yangon International is RGN.

More than 300 flights land at Yangon International every day.

Yangon International Airport 10660 km, Yangon International Airport Terminal 1 10660 km, Yangon Domestic Airport Terminal 3 10659 km, Yangon Airport Domestic 10659 km, Yangon International Airport Terminal 3 10659 km, Yangon New Domestic Airport 10659 km,

Airlines fly to Yangon

  • Thai Airways

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