Multi Card

As we all know that, sometime when we are trying to book our flight tickets for same day and we try to do the online payment then it became very difficult for us to do the payment when we don’t have full ticket amount on our card which we are using for payment, and we wanted to do by two different cards. In this case, most of the travel website gives you the option to call them and do the payment by bank transfer or cash deposit. But due to short of time, we are unable to do it.

However, now it's not pointed worry as is introducing the multi-card payment option for you, with the help of you can do the payment by two different cards at the same time.

  • You can only divide the full payment into three parts, for example, your ticket cost is EUR 1500 So you can do it in maximum three-part, you can spilt the payment amount of EUR 1500 into 400+400+700 in three different cards.