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Prohibited Activities

The content and information which this website shares, including the price, messages, data, text, music, sound, graphics, photos, video, icons, software, code or availability of travel services but not limited to that, and the infrastructure used in providing such content and information is solely owned by Y Not Travel S. L and its suppliers and third-party providers. Replication, transmission, reproduction, modification, sale, resale, distribution or exchange of the Website Content or any section thereof is strictly illicit without any prior written permission of Y Not Travel S. L  which trades as Puspack.com. Also, you give your consent to the following:
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  • You will not frame, copy and epitomize any part of the website into any other website without any written prior permission
If your booking or account signals any fraud, misuse or any other doubtful activity, Puspack.com may terminate any travel or service reserved for you with your name, email or account and terminate any account associated with your account. Puspack.com will also pre-authorize your credit card. In a case of any fraud, Puspack.com reserves the right to abide you with legal actions and charge you for the monetary losses occurred to the website as a result of your action which will include the litigation costs and damages. In contention with the termination of a booking or freezing or closure of your account, you are requested to contact the customer service center of Y Not Travel S. L 

Supplier Terms and Conditions:

Puspack.com suggests that while purchasing or reserving a travel-related goods or services, you cautiously read the additional terms and conditions attached to it.  Especially, if you book an air ticket make sure you read the complete terms and condition on airline's/ supplier's website, in regard to your travel and carriage. You consent to abide the terms and conditions by any supplier with whom you choose to deal including, however not restricted to, payment of all amounts due falling in line with the supplier's rules and restrictions regarding availability and use of products, services or fares. Puspack.com reserves the right to terminate your booking if complete reimbursements are not received within a specified time frame. You recognize the fact that some hotel suppliers may ask you to present a credit card or cash deposit upon check-in to cover extra expenses throughout your stay. Such deposit is unconnected to any payment done to Puspack.com for your hotel booking. You recognize the fact that some third-party suppliers offering some services and/or activities might need you to sign their liability waiver before catering the service and/or activity they provide. You cognize that any breach of any such supplier's rules and restrictions might lead to termination of your reservation and you would be denied access to the particular travel product or services and the money paid for such reservations and services will be forfeited or debited from your account to cover the cost we incur as a result of such breach.

Terms and Conditions – Applicable to all bookings

By making any booking and reservation through Puspack.com you legally authorize Y Not Travel S.L  and its third party suppliers and service providers to do transaction with your bank or different payment gateways on your behalf to get the mandatory information required to process payment, affirm payment, adjudicate inquiries and billing disputes that are necessary to manage the booking. When you use this website to make a booking and reservation, you are required to give us the credit/debit card details in order to cover up the complete cost of your trip. We assume that you understand and consent to present the credit/debit card at the time of check-in or rental or pickup in order to confirm the authorization of card used or to ensure any extra charges during your travel. The cost of each product and service is reviewed on the regular basis and these prices tend to go up and down. Puspack.com secures sole discretion of providing the promotional and discounted offers. These offers are subject to availability and can be discontinued or ended at any point in time. At the time of booking, you must assure that all the details provided by you are correct and in cognizance with the legal documents like passport and others. Any additional cost occurred by us in respect of the payment made through a debit/credit card will be charged to you. Apart from the total cost of your trip, you will also be charged a booking fee for every person booked for the trip. All the fees charged by us will be informed to you while you are processing your bookings. When you make any booking or reservation on this website, you warrant that you are authorized to recognize the terms of use and do accept the terms and conditions on your behalf and on behalf of all the members for whom you tend to make the booking. When you book for more than one person, you will be responsible for all the payments due from all the other persons for whom you desire to make the booking. You will be solely responsible for communicating all the information to the members for whom you made the booking. We deem that any information in regard to your booking is passed on to each and every member for whom you made the booking. The relevant payment/deposit must be paid within the specified time as informed to you at the time of booking. If in case, you believe that any details on the confirmation receipt/ other document are incorrect, you are suggested to contact us immediately as in the case of delay the correction of the inaccuracies of the document may not be possible and that may harm your rights.
Agency Bookings: Puspack.com does not own transportation or accommodations services. Therefore there may be instances that in some bookings, Puspack.com and its agents will solely act as a mediator between you and the service providers, and you consent that the legal contractual relationship will be explicitly between you and the service provider. In this case, the solitary role and responsibility of our website and agents would be to pass on the details of your reservation to the pertinent service provider and thereby send you a confirmation email on behalf of the pertinent service provider. The payments made against the agency bookings will be in harmony with the term and conditions that are laid by the Service Provider. You comply with the Service Provider's Terms, that may include (but not restricted to) the Service Provider's rules and restrictions concerning accessibility and use of fares, products, and services. Some service providers can also provide you with the chance of tendering the payment or deposit to be taken during the reservation process via secure online payment. For all Agency Bookings, the expenditure will be processed explicitly by the Service Provider by your credit or debit card or bank account.
Merchant Bookings: Puspack.com accepts cards with MasterCard or Visa branding or American Express or Rupay for transactions apart from Agency Booking, presuming that the issuing authority of these cards permits you to use to make purchases online. Puspack.com and its agents will never ask you to furnish the details of your online banking account username and password. Our company and the associates do not require this account accessing information and you consent that you will give us this account accessing information.

Agency Booking Refunds:

In context to Agency Bookings, when you make a reservation with a Service supplier, you consent to the Service Provider's terms and conditions of booking, we suggest you to meticulously read the cancellation, refunds, and no-show policy before making your reservation as the refunds will be initiated as per the terms and conditions stated in the Service Provider's website. Please be evident of the fact that some rates or special/promotional offers might not be eligible for cancellation or amendment, and you will not be qualified for any refund of the prepaid amounts. Please check the terms and conditions completely before creating your reservations. You are solely liable for any circumstances which arise due to late payment, incorrect bank/ debit or credit card details, invalid credit or debit cards or inadequate funds. We suggest you abide by the instructions provided by the Service provider, in events of modification, review, cancellation or any adjustment to your reservation, which will be thereafter informed to you by the confirmation e-mail. In cognizance to its policy, the Service Provider might charge you a fee for canceling and modifying the reservations made by you.

Merchant Bookings Refund:

•    For Merchant Bookings, the amount to be refunded is typically returned within minimum 10 to 15 days working days by the acquiring bank as per the instructions of Y Not Travel S. L  Company; conversely, the time duration required for crediting the refunded amount to your account is decided by your financial organization. Please cross-check with your financial organization on their explicit rules relating to refunded transactions. A refund may also be delayed if there is any disagreement between the acquiring bank and your financial organization. Every booking is allowed a single refund only. If your travel reservations made by you require more than change then it may become essential to terminate your complete reservation/booking and the refund entitled to you after the cancellation will be transferred to your financial organization as per its policies. Rebooking your travel arrangements will necessitate a new and distinguished payment.
  • Y Not Travel S. L Company would not be liable to pay any refund if
  1. The payments received by Puspack.com were made 90 or more days before our acceptance of the refund request for a booking transaction
  2. The travel arrangement purchased requires refund or credit more than once
  3. In case you financial organization issue you a refund as a result of disputed booking visible in your statement and send puspack.com a chargeback which reverses the payment you made to puspack.com 
  4. If the travel products or service which were booked by you fall in non-refundable category
  5. You cannot offer us with complete and correct data needed to initiate the refund or credit
  6. If your bank/ financial organization has not applied for the refund and the same refund request has already been completed from our side.
  7. If as per the refund request Puspack.com has to forward the refund to a different financial organization other than the source where originally the payment was received.
  8. If due to the natural unavoidable causes like force majeure or other uncontrollable causes, Puspack.com does not receive the payment for which the refund request has been made.
  9. If the travel arrangement booked is a through Agency booking, the refund requested will be the solitary responsibility of that particular Service provider.

Website Accuracy

Puspack.com always endeavors to give you trouble free services, ensuring that the details of all products and services, including but not limited to prices, displayed on our websites are proper and accurate. However, the details in this website could include technical inaccuracies, typographical errors, incorrect reservation availability and pricing errors or other inevitable errors due to the high volume of products and services offered to you. We disclaim all liability arising from these errors and inaccuracies and do not guarantee the accuracy of the information and description displayed on this website. In addition, Puspack.com explicitly reserves the right to correct any incorrect reservation availability and pricing errors on our website and on pending reservations made under an inaccurate price. In the event, where your travel arrangements were booked on materially incorrect details, then on that particular booking, we will offer you the option to continue with your booking or cancel with a complete refund of money paid. If the inaccuracies relate to the price which has been stated less than the correct price for a specific product or service, you will be offered either the complete refund of money paid by you for that particular booking or the chance to maintain that booking by paying us the additional amount as per the correct price. In cases of refunds, please note that due to unavoidable reasons refunds take some time to process and you may receive the refund amount back to your original credit card or bank account within 8 to12 weeks.

Special Requests

We advise you to inform us about any special requests, viz. dietary requirements, cots, room location or other preferences at the time of booking. We will communicate all such requests to the third party service provider but we do not guarantee that these special requests will be fulfilled and we disclaim any liability arising in cases where these special requests are not fulfilled.

Acceptable Behavior

Please note that if your behavior or the behavior of the members of the trip for whom you have made bookings, falls below an acceptable standard, the stay/travel arrangements can be terminated without any refunds. The acceptable standards are stated in the booking terms and conditions of the supplier. If because of any inappropriate behavior you cause any damage to the place where you are accommodated, the Suppliers may charge you with a fine for replenishing the damage. We are not liable to you for the extra charges paid by you in such circumstances. You consent to indemnify us the complete amount of any claim (including the litigation charges) made against us by the supplier or any third party service provider as a result of your misconduct.

Passports, Visas, and Health

When you book a travel reservation with third-party suppliers or plan a trip abroad using this Website, you are solely accountable for ensuring all the travel documents, including passports and visas, and in the case of the foreign trip, other obligatory documents are in order. Y Not Travel S.L, trading as Puspack.com disclaims its liability for any financial costs that may incur as a direct result of a failure in presenting the correct documents to the authority. We and our third party service providers/ suppliers are also not responsible if you are not allowed to board a flight or enter a country, as a result of failure to present the adequate documents required by the airline, authority or country. Please adhere to the document requirements of the countries which are the transit points of your journey. Please be sure to check the latest passport and visa requirements and other rules for entry by the embassy or consulate of your destination as certain countries have specific rules which change in a very short period of time. Please note that several countries put an obligation that your passport should be valid for six months beyond the duration of your stay. The passport, Visa, and other documents must be in an intact and legible condition, any sign of damage may result in refusal of your carriage/ entry into the destined country.
Your credentials, like your name, on the passport must match the credentials mentioned on the ticket, failure to which you may not be allowed to travel and in this case, the travel insurance will also stand invalid. After booking your trip with us, if before traveling you or any of the members of your trip change their name, like as a result of getting married, please notify us immediately so that we can make amendments in your tickets and other similar holiday documents within time. We may provide you with general information in regard to passport and visa requirements but that is solely for guiding you about the trip but the onus of checking the latest requirements before your travel is on you. Please ask the details from us about the specific photographic identification that is required for all air travel within your country.

You are solely responsible for consulting your physician for any recommendations on vaccines before your international travel and to ensure that all health requirements that are necessary to enter the country must be fulfilled.
In addition, please note that by offering any reservations/bookings for the travel products or services in certain international destinations, Puspack.com does not intend to represent or guarantees that travel to those travel to those areas is desirable or does not involve any risks. We are not responsible for any damages or losses that may arise from traveling to such unsafe destination. We only provide you with the travel arrangements to reach the international destination you desire. We suggest that you get complete information from the concerned embassies of the country you wish to travel.


As mentioned before when we are doing agency bookings the contract is directly between you and the supplier; the complaints and any other concerns must be addressed directly to your supplier. During your travel, if you face any problem that must be immediately reported to the supplier or their local supplier or the agent. In the case of any delays and failure to follow the mentioned procedure, the investigation and rectification of the complaint may not be possible. The compensation amount which you may be entitled as the result of a complaint may be reduced or annulled depending on the circumstances. If you wish to report the complaint after returning back to home then you may write to the supplier. The contact details including the name and address will be sent to you with the confirmation documents we send you. Please contact our Customer Service Center, in case you want us to assist you in reporting about the complaint.

Force Majeure Circumstances

You agree that there may be exceptional circumstances where our suppliers like airlines, hotels, transportation provider or any other third party service provider may not be able to honor the confirmed bookings due to unforeseen circumstances like climatic conditions, insolvency, labor unrest, government decisions, business exigencies, route and flight cancellations, operational and technical issues, etc. If Puspack.com gets information about any of these circumstances in advance, it will make its best efforts to offer you a similar alternative or refund the booking amount after deducting reasonable service charges, but the refund will solely depend on the supplier. You agree that Puspack.com being the agent is not responsible for any such circumstances and you have to contact the supplier directly for getting the resolution and refund if any.
You agree that if there are any technical or other unforeseen issues in Puspack.com due to which the committed service could not be offered or may involve certain modification or amendment, we shall refund the entire amount received from your end after deducting the applicable cancellation or refund or other charges forth which we shall be free from all the liabilities resulting from the non-provision of services.
Puspack.com explicitly states that it is not responsible to pay compensation or refund for any delays, non-provision of services, or non-performance of any obligatory services under the contract, if the same is affected by any event which is beyond our and the concerned supplier's reasonable control and even with utmost care, these events could not have been foreseen or avoided. These events may include but are not limited to the act of God, war, the threat of war, acts of terrorism, civil strife, the act of government or other national or local authority and due to the arising consequence, nuclear disaster, chemical, fire, or biological disaster and all similar events.

Law and Jurisdiction

This agreement is under the governance of the Spanish Law and any dispute arising between the parties in reference to this contract and use of this website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction and the venue of the courts in Murcia.

Flight Bookings

  • You agree that all the flight prices are restricted to the availability of offers which may be withdrawn or amended without any prior notification. Puspack.com is not liable for any such withdrawal or amendment.
  • Most of the airlines operate on the code-sharing basis with their commercial partners which may result that a flight may have more than one flight number.
  • Airfares are subject to change unless the tickets are confirmed for final purchase. We meticulously provide the price list on the website but there can be a circumstance where the current fares are withdrawn by the Airline Company and are beyond our control; we will not be liable to pay any compensation this case.
  • Certain airlines only provide e-ticket for certain routes. We would not be liable if your e-ticket is not received by you because of the incorrect email address or junk email setting. It is solely your responsibility to inform us in case you do not receive the e-ticket confirmation. You consent to an additional charge for posting you the paper tickets which will be confirmed during the booking. We will send the post through registered post and in case tickets gets lost or mislaid by the postal service provider, we will not be responsible the lost documents and tickets. We will also be not liable the extra charges, if applied, by the airline company in re-issuing the lost or delayed ticket.
  • The flights times/ check-in times mentioned in itinerary provided by Puspack.com are given for your guidance. We are not responsible if there is any variation in departure/arrival time that is mentioned in the itinerary or shown on your ticket or if any other modification to your flight is done by the relevant airline. You are solely liable to check the departure/ arrival times and check-in times of your flight at the time of travel.
  • Seat allocation is not under our control, it is airlines discretion. We request you to check-in as early as possible so that you are allocated with a preferable seat. We cannot guarantee you the allocation of a preferable seat to you.
  • Direct Flight may not essentially be non-stop it only means that you do not have to change the aircraft after boarding the flight.
  • Certain airlines don't allow the women pregnant with more than 28 weeks and infants who are not six weeks of age to board the flight. We request you to ensure the rules of the concerned airline in this regard and contact the airline for allocation of appropriate seats in this case. Rules regarding the infant and child fare may differ with different airlines.
  • The price of your flight ticket may include taxes, fees and other charges which are levied on air transportation by government authorities may amount to a considerable portion of the cost of your travel and that may be indicated to you in total fare or on your ticket. There may be few taxes, fees and other charges which may be levied afterward like departure taxes which arise while you depart from a country. These taxes are non-refundable by us.
  • Free baggage allowance for checked baggage and cabin baggage may differ with every airline, class or route. You are requested to ensure that you follow all the instructions given to you in regards of baggage by the concerned airline, failing which, you may have to pay extra charges or fine for which we are not liable.
  • Certain airlines will offer you to book the baggage at an extra cost while doing the online booking. Puspack.com is not responsible for any changes done by the concerned airline before the scheduled departure.
  • Please note that one-way tickets can only be purchased in conjunction with a valid return ticket. You are requested to contact us via email or customer care number for the getting further information in this regard.
  • You agree to ensure that all the travel documents, viz. passport, visa or insurance documents are in order and check-in at the airport within the considerable time limit. You should necessarily reconfirm your flight with airline prior departure, failing which, you may not be allowed to board the flight and you would not be receiving any refunds under this circumstance. You are responsible for asking us the details at least 72 hours before the scheduled outbound flights.

Hotel Accommodation

The prices of the hotels displayed on our website are with limited availability and the offers may be withdrawn or modified at any point of time without any notification. Puspack.com is not liable for any such withdrawal or modification.

Transfer Booking

If you wish to book Airport transfers, we advise you to read the supplier's rules and regulations carefully including minimum, maximum age limit, rental deposit, driving license, excess waiver, late departure, rental agreement, child safety seats and cancellation and amendment policy. We will not be responsible if there is any breach of the agreement or failure to follow the rules and regulations of the supplier.

Use of the Website

When you use this website, you affirm that